Where the Truly “Smart” Money Goes to Work

It seems as if everywhere you turn these days, someone is bashing gold. Numerous reasons are given for why gold is a poor investment and why gold prices have been on the decline. “Analysts” will cite such issues as the rising dollar, potentially rising interest rates, higher stocks and more for gold’s lack of upside follow-through. Others will talk about how gold pays no dividend and even comes with a cost of carry.

Even hedge funds are now net short gold for the first time ever…

In our opinion, all of these factors are completely irrelevant…

The fact is that gold is still in a longer-term uptrend. Charts do not lie…

That being said, however, charts are also irrelevant as far as we are concerned…

Gold is far more than a simple commodity that goes up or down in price.


Pure and simple.

What is being seen now in the gold market is a buying opportunity-nothing more and nothing less…

Gold, as a natural resource, must follow the laws of supply and demand.

We feel those laws are about to come into play in a major way.

As gold prices fall, they continue to fall below the cost of production. As the cost of production exceeds the spot price, gold miners will scale back further on operations, bringing supply and demand levels back into balance.

There are no “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” about this.

Chuck Jeannes, president and CEO of Goldcorp, said on Thursday: “I continue to believe that the long-terms trends in support of gold remain intact. Central banks continue to remain net buyers, and long-term fund fundamentals point to growth in the Chinese and Indian physical markets.” Jeannes went on to cite the fact that first quarter Chinese demand for gold was the fourth largest on record.

Going a step further, Jeannes stated “I think as this new reality begins to take hold, there must be a market response.”

In other words, he would appear to be stating that as gold prices decline, there will be a corresponding decline in production. At some point, the market will find a state of equilibrium from which prices may then begin to rise once again.

We could be closer to such a point than many think…

Markets have an uncanny ability to prove everyone wrong. With overall sentiment towards gold being at what could be considered a bearish extremely currently, it would come as no surprise to see gold reverse course-swiftly and severely.

Just like a boat, when everyone gets on one side, the boat tends to capsize…

Such could prove to be the case with gold sooner rather than later.

The great Warren Buffet once stated “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

This could be a monumental time to put more capital to work in gold and other precious metals.

This could be where the “truly smart” money gets put to work.

If you like to buy things at wholesale prices rather than retail prices, here is your chance. The gold market will turn at some point. It may not be tomorrow, next week or next month. But that key turning point will come. The laws of supply and demand cannot be denied or ignored.

If gold mining CEOs and central banks still like gold at current levels, shouldn’t you?

Don’t wait until gold reverses course and begins moving higher without you.

Don’t let the train leave the station without you…

If you are a first time buyer, act now. If you own gold already, now is the time to add to your holdings.

And it’s never been easier…

If you are interested in adding wealth protecting assets to your portfolio-assets that may protect you from the coming equity bubble and dollar decline, buy gold and precious metals while they are on sale.

One of the simplest ways to gain exposure to these critical precious metals is through a precious metals IRA. Getting started with a gold IRA is easy. Our experienced executives are here to guide you, step by step, through the entire process. Call us today at 1-800-341-8584 FREE


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