10 Reasons You Should Own Physical Gold

  1. Physical gold carries no counterparty risk: Gold coins or bars cannot go bankrupt or default. You will not wake up one day the proud owner of a worthless piece of paper.
  2. Physical gold can be transacted privately: While certain reporting requirements may exist, physical gold can be bought and sold privately and anonymously.
  3. Gold has been considered a reliable store of wealth and value for thousands of years: Gold has been used as a store of value and medium of exchange for centuries. Try to find a paper currency with a similar history.
  4. The most powerful financial institutions buy and hold gold: Governments and their central banks buy and hold vast quantities of physical gold. If these financial powerhouses see reason to accumulate gold, shouldn’t you?
  5. Gold is easy to store: Physical gold can be stored at home, in a safe deposit box or in a depository. We recommend all three, with the bulk of your holdings kept in an approved depository.
  6. Gold may potentially offer some protection from declining currency values: It’s no secret that paper currencies tend to lose value over time. Physical gold may potentially offer a hedge against this risk and may potentially increase in value.
  7. A return to a gold standard monetary system could take place: A return to the gold standard could potentially help stabilize global currency markets and keep runaway sovereign debt under control. A return to such a system could potentially cause significant appreciation in the price of gold.
  8. Gold may be useful as a diversification tool: Gold may have a great place within your investment portfolio. Gold may potentially rise during times of geopolitical or economic uncertainty while stocks may potentially decline.
  9. Gold may offer a hedge against inflation: As the price of everydays goods and services rises, real returns and spending power may decline. Any appreciation in the value of gold could potentially partially or fully offset such risks.
  10. Gold is money: Due to its long history, physical gold is sought after and exchanged all over the globe. In our opinion, it is a currency without borders.

While this list could go on and on, we hope you get the point. Physical gold can offer some potential benefits that are simply not possible with other asset classes.

If you do not already have an allocation in physical gold, now may be the time to consider adding this key precious metal to your investment portfolio.

Acquiring physical gold has never been easier. In our view, one of the best ways to acquire and hold physical gold coin and bullion is through a precious metals IRA account. An Advantage Gold account executive can show you how simple it is to begin adding physical precious metals to your existing IRA, and can even show you how to establish a new precious metals IRA account.

Don’t wait for another stock market collapse or currency crises before taking action. Learn more about the potential benefits of physical gold ownership and how it may potentially help secure your financial future. Call us today at 1-800-341-8584.

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