Heavy Hitters Betting On Gold

We have consistently preached the value of gold and other precious metals and why we feel that these instruments may appreciate significantly in value over the long-term. We believe strongly that gold can provide investors with numerous potential benefits including price appreciation, protection of wealth and purchasing power, and a hedge against inflation or deflation.

We think gold prices are going higher, and we are not the only ones that feel this way…

Billionaire investor and hedge fund manager George Soros has been reportedly dumping equity exposure while adding to long gold positions. He also reportedly has a significant long put position on the SP500 ETF.

Why should you care?

To put this into perspective, it is important to understand who Mr. Soros is.

Mr. Soros is a Hungarian-American investor and fund manager who gained notoriety in the early 90s. At that time, Mr. Soros made a bet on the British Pound declining during the UK currency crises. His gamble paid off hugely, and Mr. Soros became known as, “The man who broke the Bank of England.”

Mr. Soros is also known to be an incredibly generous philanthropist, having donated billions to various causes over the years, and he is even credited with assisting in the peaceful transition of Eastern Europe from communism to capitalism.

The point is this: Mr. Soros has been enormously successful in his investing career, and he has made some enormous bets that paid off huge. He is a proven leader, and his investing career demonstrates his ability to identify opportunities and potential problems.

He is the type of market participant people follow, and he is one of the few people on the planet that can move markets with his views or positions.

Mr. Soros apparently sees some significant problems ahead for the global economy and stock markets.

Mr. Soros cites China as a major catalyst for potential problems ahead, and reportedly believes that the nation’s debt-fueled growth resembles conditions that led up to the financial crisis of 2008.

Among other holdings, the Soros fund has reportedly taken a 1.1 million share call position on the SPDR Gold Trust, the largest ETF that tracks gold bullion.

Such a position could potentially profit if the price of gold rises…

A shot across the bow?

A significant bearish bet on stocks with a significant bullish bet on gold prices by one of the world’s most successful and well-known investors – should you be paying attention?

We think so…

We have warned of another financial crisis coming to fruition at some point in the future, and that point could be closer than many realize.

You can ignore this possibility at your peril, or you can take steps now to try to get ahead of it.

We believe that gold may be the ideal safety net for such a scenario. We also believe that physical, tangible gold is the way to go. Gold you can touch, feel and hold in your hands.

The kind of gold that:

  • Carries zero counterparty risk
  • Has been considered a reliable store of value for thousands of years
  • May offer protection from declining currency values and rampant inflation
  • Is transacted and coveted all over the globe

George Soros appears to be concerned over what may lie ahead – and he is not the only one. Further troubles in China and other areas of the world could potentially drive equity markets back to levels not seen in years – wiping out billions of investor value in the process.

Are you willing to sit back and watch your portfolio lose 20, 30, even 50 percent of its value?

Now may be the ideal time to consider an allocation in physical gold, silver, and other precious metals. You can even use your IRA account to buy and accumulate these key precious metals and take steps to try to protect your financial future.

Adding gold or silver to your IRA has never been easier. Setting up a new precious metals IRA account has never been easier.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Explore your options now before another economic storm hits. An Advantage Gold account executive can walk you through the process of adding gold or silver to your IRA, and can also assist you in setting up a new precious metals IRA. Don’t wait for another stock market collapse or higher gold prices. Act now. Call us today at 1-800-341-8584 to learn more.

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