Trump Win Could Drive Blistering Rally in Gold

It’s no surprise that with a presidential election comes a lot of uncertainty. After all, various candidates can have wildly differing views on the domestic economy, monetary and economic policy, foreign policy and more.

There is certainly a lot riding on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election in what is shaping up to be an intense race.

In fact, the nation appears to be very divided, with very different opinions and plans being presented by both candidates.

As the election approaches, uncertainty surrounding the potential outcome could drive risk assets lower while capital finds its way into perceived safe havens such as gold and silver.

While a victory by either party has the potential to motivate buying in gold and silver, a Trump victory could, according to some, cause a significant move higher in gold prices.

In fact, one analyst thinks that a Trump victory could see gold prices rise by $500 per ounce or more.

ABN Amro’s coordinator of forex and precious metals strategy, Georgette Boele, believes that Trump’s policies could fuel uncertainty. She added “In addition, his rhetoric and possible policy actions could create domestic and international uncertainty at best, and upheaval at worst. “

“This will likely result in a more substantial rise in gold prices towards $1850 an ounce over the coming years.”

While the notion of a Trump Presidency could push buying in gold, one could also make the argument that gold could rise significantly regardless of who ends up in the White House.

A Trump victory would quite possibly fuel uncertainty, while a Republican controlled House and Senate could potentially fuel it even further. A GOP victory could see economic difficulties surface as certain policies could drive declines in direct investment and U.S. trade partners get nervous.

A Democratic victory, on the other hand, could potentially see rising inflation, the possible spread of negative interest rates and a weaker dollar as the country could continue with ongoing “easy” money policies.

Both scenarios could elevate interest in gold and precious metals, and higher prices are a distinct possibility in either case.

Finally, both candidates have neglected the necessity of addressing the long-term debt of the U.S. government. Both of their tax plans and policies are predicted to cause an increase in the national debt, rather than a reduction.

So what are you waiting for?

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With equities at all-time highs as the nation heads into what may be a very close and key election, and with gold at relatively low levels, what do you think is the better bet?

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