Please Go Lower

We really hope that gold and silver prices continue to decline.

Let’s say that again: We really hope that gold and silver prices continue to decline.

Right now you may be a bit confused. Let us explain:

We believe in the long-term potential of gold and silver. In our view, gold at $10,000 per ounce or silver at $250 per ounce would come as no surprise. Not only do we believe in such price potential for these precious metals, but -more importantly- we believe in their role to potentially provide a meaningful hedge against inflation, deflation, declining paper currency values and other economic or geopolitical calamities.

We welcome the opportunity for long-term investors to acquire these metals at lower prices. We see a fantastic opportunity at current price levels, and believe even lower prices should not be feared but welcomed.

The Donald Trump rally in stocks and the dollar may very well continue into the New Year, and while economic optimism and a stronger dollar have likely contributed to weaker gold and silver prices, the unfolding situation in India may be playing a bigger role than many think.

As we recently discussed, the Indian Government recently banned 500 and 1000 rupee notes in an effort to curb black market money. Now, however, there is even talk of an Indian ban on gold imports. By some estimates, India imports a whopping 700 tons of gold each year. Needless to say, a ban on such imports could potentially send shockwaves through the gold market, and could potentially depress prices even further-perhaps significantly so.

If gold prices were to plummet on news of a ban on Indian imports, we feel it could present a buying opportunity that may not be seen again. We believe that gold and silver are a bargain at current levels and should be bought. If even lower prices are seen, we believe that it could represent an opportunity for long-term investors to acquire even more physical metal at fire sale prices, while potentially lowering their overall cost basis.

Kind of like buying stocks in 2008, or buying crude oil at $30 per barrel.

Often times, significant sell-offs in financial instruments represent great long-term opportunities for the patient investor. We believe such will be the case with gold and silver.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of the recent decline in gold and silver prices, now may be the time. We also recommend additional buying on any further weakness.

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