Could Stocks Top on January 20th?

It’s no secret that stocks have been on a ferocious run to the upside since the Presidential election victory by Donald Trump. The notion of looser regulation, tax cuts and massive fiscal stimulus has sent stocks sharply higher, especially banks’.

Could the rally over the last several weeks prove to be a case of buy the rumor sell the fact?

Some analysts appear to think so…

In a recent article from, analysts from Morgan Stanley voiced some concerns that the rally in equities has been overdone.

In a note to clients, the bank reportedly wrote: “What increasingly optimistic news are we going to start embedding in our earnings outlooks post-inauguration that hasn’t already been contemplated? A number of stocks are up a lot for which we don’t expect much incrementally positive news for at least the next couple of earnings seasons. So to us, it is WHEN, not IF we should fade this recent reflation trade.”

The analysts went on to discuss stock multiples, and added “We can’t help but think that the Republican sweep has created a more uncertain and volatile outlook for the economy and corporate earnings growth.”

How soon could the Trump rally potentially come to an end? Some believe it could be the day he takes office.

Markets have risen on high hopes for the economic future, and investors will likely want to see progress quickly made. Stocks could become vulnerable to a significant correction if it appears that key policies discussed in recent months are not able to be implemented, or perhaps not to the extent that markets may be looking for. Even with tax cuts and increased spending, the sustainability of any economic boost also remains questionable.

Stocks have enjoyed a great year and a great run over the last several years. The current bull market is aging rapidly, however, and a new incoming administration along with the uncertainty that comes with it could potentially be one of several possible catalysts to put a halt to the multi-year rally.

With the chances of a recession also potentially increasing rapidly, now may be the ideal time to consider some alternative asset classes.

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