Should You Start To Worry?

Stocks are lower on Tuesday as ongoing risk aversion appears to be on the rise.

Any why wouldn’t it?

In the last week, the United States has struck Syria with 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles in retaliation for another chemical weapons attack unleashed by the country on its own innocent people.

Russia has voiced its concerns over the U.S. military action taken, and relations between the U.S. and Russia could potentially deteriorate significantly if some common ground on the issue is not found-and found soon.

To add even more geopolitical hot sauce to the current environment, U.S. warships are making their way to the Korean Peninsula. Although the U.S. Navy may intend to conduct exercises with the South Korean Navy, this would clearly seem to be a significant show of force following even more North Korean saber-rattling.

Markets have thus far largely taken all of these developments in stride, however, you have to wonder just how much more it might take to trigger a larger scale sell off in risk assets.

These geopolitical tensions could potentially-and unfortunately-turn into a much larger powder keg of geopolitical issues that could have a significant impact on financial markets all over the globe.

Although stocks have yet to really crack, you could make the case for a big-time breakdown being seen in the coming weeks or months.

The bond and note markets have not fallen off the edge like many thought they would, in fact, yields have remained very stubborn and have not made any significant attempts to push into higher, fresh territory.

Gold and silver have also be very resilient, and the gold market could be on the verge of a significant fresh leg higher in price.

Could these be signs that things are not as great as many investors think they are? Could trouble for the stock market be just around the corner?

We cannot see the future any more than you can, and no one has a crystal ball. But, it would also seem that the writing could be on the wall for the equity markets-especially if the Trump administration is also unable to deliver on some of the key pieces of legislation it campaigned on.

Stocks have been moving higher and higher for many years now. Could the end of the bull be near?

In our opinion, yes.

This could be a major crossroads in financial markets and now may be the time to act. Now may be the time to explore allocations in alternative asset classes such as physical gold, silver and other metals.

If the global geopolitical environment and stock market is starting to make you more nervous, now is the time to explore your options.

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