Does Germany Know Something the Rest of Us Don’t?

In recent months, Germany has reportedly repatriated half of its gold reserves ahead of schedule. Bundesbank confirmed back in February that it had already moved 583 tons of gold out of New York and Paris.

Germany’s plan to hold half of its gold in Frankfort is several years ahead of schedule. Many may be wondering why…

There are numerous theories behind the rapid repatriation of the country’s gold. Some have suggested that Germany is looking to keep its gold close in case it is needed to back up a reintroduced Deutsche Mark. Although such a scenario may seem far-fetched, it is no secret that the EU is having some major issues.

Could Brexit be just the start of an eventual breakup of the union? This remains to be seen but some key upcoming elections could potentially give the market more clues as to whether or not such a situation is becoming more likely.

Then you must also consider the “Trump” factor. With the Presidential election victory of Donald Trump, world markets are filled with a degree of uncertainty. President Trump takes a hard line on many key issues, but is also seemingly getting a reputation for changing his mind.

And you can’t really think of Trump without Russia coming to mind. Rumors and speculation continue to follow Trump and his administration, and such discussions are not likely going to go away anytime soon.

Whatever the case may be, Germany wants its gold back and it is not screwing around.

Now consider this for a moment: If a highly educated, industrialized nation like Germany, which many consider to be the powerhouse of the EU, wants to keep its significant gold holdings close to home, there is probably a good reason.

Furthermore, what does it say that Germany holds massive amounts of gold bullion? Surely if gold was simply a relic of the past that produces no income and sits on a shelf, countries like Germany and the United States would not hold huge quantities of it-or would they?

The bottom line is this: If Germany, the U.S. and other major global central banks see fit to hold physical gold bullion, shouldn’t you?

Gold may potentially appreciate in price during times of economic or geopolitical turmoil. It may potentially provide a meaningful hedge against inflation, deflation and declining paper currency values. The yellow metal may also offer another means of added portfolio diversification.

Isn’t it time you got your hands on some?

Buying and holding physical gold bullion has never been easier than it is today.

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