Geopolitics and Gold

The last week has seen some interesting developments in the world of geopolitics. Although much of investors’ attention has been focused on Russia and China in recent months, this week may be very indicative of exactly who may be enemy #1 right now for the U.S.

North Korea has continued in its saber-rattling and appears set to continue in its quest for nuclear weapons. This nation (which some refer to as “rogue”), appears to be the single biggest threat to U.S. National security currently.

Over the weekend, North Korea held a parade showcasing its military might. While the country has before featured various pieces of military hardware in such parades, the size and scope of what was seen this weekend seemed to take many by surprise. Even some in the defense and intelligence communities commented on how the military equipment seen on Saturday was not expected. The nation of North Korea appears to be far more advanced than originally thought.

This higher degree of advancement will likely only increase tensions between North Korea and the U.S.

For now, the United States appears to be hopeful that China can exert some influence over North Korea to help calm things down. Whether or not any real action is seen from China remains to be seen.

The U.S., however, has apparently already put the world on notice that it will strike North Korea with unilateral military action if it deems necessary. Unfortunately, such action is looking more and more likely.

The heightened state of tensions is likely a significant reason for gold’s recent upward climb. Ongoing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are likely to keep perceived safe haven assets like gold well-supported. If North Korea is not enough, potential issues with Russia may also potentially heat up, further fueling demand for such assets.

The recent rise in the gold price is likely no coincidence.

Gold may be purchased in times of economic or geopolitical turmoil, and has the potential to see significant increases in value during such periods.

In a world that appears headed for some major conflicts, if you don’t already own gold now may be the time to consider adding this key metal to your holdings.

Buying and storing physical gold has never been easier than it is today. In fact, you can begin allocating to physical gold with a simple phone call.

With or without geopolitical issues, gold may potentially play a very key role in your portfolio.

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