Will a Constitutional Crisis Be the Next Major Catalyst for Higher Gold?

It seems as if there are few-if any-dull moments since President Donald Trump took office in January. When it became clear that Trump was going to be elected the 45th President of the United States, stocks rallied, bonds tumbled and gold got clobbered.

Gold rebounded, however, and has seen a nice run in the last couple months despite some recent selling in the market.

Some might argue that the yellow metal could be lacking any fresh, bullish catalyst to attract fresh buying interest. Some might say that with stronger stocks, rising interest rates and strong appetite for risk that there simply is no reason at the current juncture to focus on gold, which is often referred to as a safe haven asset.

For just a moment, let’s put the whole North Korean conflict, Syria and Russia aside. Let’s also sweep current stock valuations and the potential for a recession under the rug. Let’s even forget about rising inflation pressures.

Although any of these issues on their own could be enough to fuel a dramatic rally in gold and a massive decline in stocks, try this potential issue on for size:

What about a constitutional crisis?

Although our intent is not to get political, and regardless of whether you may be a Trump supporter or not, the potential for such a crisis seems to exist and cannot be ignored.

The firing this week of FBI Director James Comey is the latest action taken by the administration that could potentially cause a panic. Although Trump advisors have laid out the case for Comey’s dismissal, others see this as nothing more than an attempt by Trump to put to bed the ongoing concerns over potential ties with Russia.

Comey’s firing has been called “A grotesque abuse of power” by some, and it is not the first time-nor will it be the last-that some accuse Trump of overstepping his bounds.

Some believe an attack on democracy is taking place right under the noses of the American people, and further actions that are considered anti-democratic could lead to a significant panic. Such a panic could fuel a massive sell-off in stocks and risk assets, and could potentially fuel extraordinary demand for safe haven instruments such as gold. You can choose to ignore some of the warning signs, or you can choose to be proactive and take steps to help secure your financial future.

Now, more than ever before, may be the ideal time to begin building an allocation in physical gold.

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