Isn’t the Whole Idea to Buy Low and Sell High?

When it comes to the gold market, perhaps the old saying should be changed to “buy low and sell high-if ever.” That is likely the mentality behind gold investors at this point, as the yellow metal remains stuck in a trading range.

The gold market has some issues working against it currently. Higher stocks, a stronger economy and overall robust appetite for risk are all playing a role in the market’s current lack of upside follow through. In the absence of any fresh, bullish catalyst, gold could remain on the weaker side of the ledger going into the New Year.

Such a view is, however, dangerous as it does not really examine the bigger picture. If there were no significant reasons for gold to eventually start moving higher, the market would likely have sunk far below its recent lows by this point. Despite short sellers and others taking a bearish view of the metal currently, the market has held its ground. This is undeniably a sign of underlying strength.

Investors have an interesting tendency to view gold very differently from other asset classes such as stocks, for example. But in many ways, some of the same investment principles still apply. For example, if you were a long-term investor in Microsoft, would you rather buy shares at $25 per share or $30 per share? Obviously, buying the stock at $25 per share would be preferable, allowing the investor to potentially realize more gains if the price goes up while also possibly making better overall use of investment capital.

The gold market is no different in this regard. While many investors seemingly want to wait and see the market moving higher before taking action, the savvy investors realize that the old notion of buy low and sell high still applies. This is exactly why the market has not been able to really breakdown-the buyers have met and neutralized any significant selling pressure.

For the investor that is interested in value, and is taking more of a long-term view rather than a short-term view, the current range in the gold market could represent an excellent long-term buying opportunity. The market has shown time and time again that it has the ability to move sharply higher in a short period of time, and the next upside breakout could see such price action once again. Would you rather buy gold at $1250 per ounce or $5000 per ounce?

Now is the ideal time to add to a gold portfolio, and if you don’t already have an allocation in this key asset class, now is the ideal time to get started.

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