Now is the Time

As 2017 draws to a close, now is the time to take stock of your holdings and to plan ahead for the challenges of 2018. Constantly changing market dynamics as well as economic and geopolitical influences necessitate a proactive approach to investing, and there is no better time to get started than right now.

The passage of the Trump administration’s tax overhaul could potentially fuel an economic boom, although its effects may take some time to trickle down. With or without increasing economic activity, there are very compelling reasons to add further diversification to your portfolio. Hard assets like gold may be the ideal vehicle to add diversification as well as possible protection from a host of geopolitical and economic issues. Here are three reasons to consider adding this key asset class to your holdings as 2018 gets under way:

  1. Debt is debt: While the tax legislation may put more money into people’s pockets, it also adds to the deficit. Although this may or may not pay for itself, the U.S. and other nations remain heavily burdened by debt. Debt levels are so high, in fact, that perhaps the only way many countries will be available to alleviate the problem is through currency debasement. That means that each and every dollar will pay for less goods and services, and real returns are also eroded.
  2. Stocks will not go up indefinitely: The bull market in equities is a decade old, and with each new all-time high comes the possibility of a major crash or reversal. The more stocks climb, the harder the potential fall could be. The time to plan accordingly is before such a collapse or reversal, not after.
  3. Inflation: With many years of ultra-low rates and massive quantitative easing programs around the globe, inflation could at some point rear its ugly head in a major way. Once inflation really starts to take off, the price of everyday goods and services goes up and real returns go down. As if that isn’t bad enough, the Fed could be forced to aggressively raise rates to counter such pressures. This could lead to numerous defaults and other problems, not to mention lower equity prices.


Of course, the reasons for stockpiling gold do not end there. The current geopolitical climate, recession risk and weakening currency values are all also major reasons to hold this key asset class. The market has been trading sideways for some time now, although a major upside breakout could be on the horizon. Such a breakout could take prices quickly back to previous all-time highs, and even well beyond.

Adding gold to your holdings has never been simpler and more convenient than it is today. Speak with an Advantage Gold account executive today about the potential benefits of gold ownership. Our account executives are here to answer any questions you may have, and can even show you how to incorporate this asset class into your investment strategy using your IRA account.

Don’t wait for the next major economic crises or for stocks to come crashing down before taking action. Explore your options for gold ownership today. Call Advantage Gold at 1-800-341-8584 to get started now.

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