Now is the time to buy dips

The gold market was quiet in trading today yet gave up little ground as the metal backs off recent highs. The market is just below key resistance at the October highs in the $1252 area and could be gearing up to punch through that level to the upside.

Stocks, on the other hand, continue to see increasing volatility and declines. Recent price action in stocks could simply be a drop in the bucket of further declines that could take place in the weeks and months ahead. A simple strategy of buying the dips in equities worked for nearly a decade, but recent price action has shown that such a strategy can no longer be considered remotely reliable.

It is likely not by coincidence that gold may be getting ready to blast off the launchpad while stocks are getting ready to fall off a cliff. Market dynamics have undergone some significant shifts in recent weeks, and investor sentiment appears to be declining rapidly. The ongoing war over trade, rising rates, increasing geopolitical risks and more are all taking a major toll on equities. A massive period of panic selling has not been seen thus far, however. Such a period may not be far off though, and investors need to be ready.

As has been seen time and time again, markets have a way of taking the stairs up and the elevator down. This time around, however, stocks may simply fall off the roof. As was seen following the great financial crisis of 2008/2009, billions in investor value stand to be wiped out in a matter of weeks if things go south. It seems that many investors are now betting on precisely that and are looking for alternatives now before things get ugly.

Once gold takes off again, it may not look back. Ideally, the time to get in is before it embarks on the next major leg higher, which could see prices increase by $100, $200, even $500 per-ounce or more.

If you take an objective look at the current state of the markets and the economy, you will see that the writing is on the wall. Fortunately, diversifying with alternatives like physical gold has never been easier. Waiting can be extremely costly at this critical juncture, and now is the time to plan for the next major global slowdown.

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