Fed Still on Track to Cut

The highly anticipated jobs report for August showed the U.S. added just 130,000 jobs, a significant downside miss from expectations for 150,000 new jobs added. The unemployment rate was steady at 3.7 percent. This figure looks especially weak compared to the ADP employment report released earlier in the week, which showed a gain of 195,000 jobs when market expectations were looking for 140,000 jobs. The jobs data falls into the camp of the policy doves who want to see further rate cuts.

The Fed will almost certainly cut rates by another 25-basis points when it meets this month and could potentially lay out a path for additional cuts before the end of the year.

Also factoring into the equation will be the ongoing U.S./China trade war. The war on trade has seen further escalation in recent months, and both sides appear to have their heals dug in deep. This week, it was announced that further talks are set for October, and the news sent stocks sharply higher. This is nothing new, however, and until some type of concrete progress is made, markets could remain on track to bouts of heightened volatility.

With or without a deal on trade, the wheels for the next major recession have likely already been set into motion. The key manufacturing sector is showing some clear signs of weakness, and now hiring appears to be slowing down. The only thing that may keep markets afloat for much longer is massive stimulus measures. The trend of ultra-low rates and QE looks set to continue, but it may be only a matter of time before the rug is swept out from the market’s feet.

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