Buy the Dips

The gold market has seen some solid buying in recent weeks and has recently been taking a bit of a breather. The market has pulled back from its recent highs, and in early action today is seeing a retest of the $1500 level on the chart.

A significant price dip is not only necessary at this point, but healthy as well. Markets do not typically go straight up or straight down, and the gold market is no exception with the dips. The market has been in the process of building a higher base, and that base may now see significant buying activity enter the market.

There is no shortage of market noise that may distract some investors.

The latest bit of noise is the Trump impeachment talk. Not only does such a scenario distract form the work at hand but is also likely to go absolutely nowhere. Stocks are up today as the notes from Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine do not appear to be as damaging as some had thought.

The point is this: Despite all the noise, there are several significant issues that will likely keep the gold market moving higher. For those willing to take a long-term view of the economic and geopolitical landscape, the potential market risks far outweigh he potential rewards at current levels.

A few of the issues that may keep gold on the offensive include:

  • The ongoing U.S./China trade war
  • An accelerating global slowdown
  • Further central bank easing
  • Anxiety over the 2020 Presidential election
  • Tensions in the Middle East
  • Sovereign debt levels
  • Weaker currency values

Regardless of what the stock market does in the months ahead, these issues are not going away anytime soon. With the next major recession and even stock market collapse approaching, investors must take stock and make moves now that may insulate them from the economic and geopolitical chaos that could lie ahead. As investors seek out alternative asset classes, the gold market is likely to see even more significant inflows, taking prices sharply higher. Not only does this asset class have unlimited upside potential, but it may also act as the ideal hedge against rising inflation, a weaker dollar and lower stocks.

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