How Quickly Things Can Change

After seeing some moderate selling in early trade today, the gold market has been clawing its way back to nearly the unchanged level for the session. At the heart of gold’s reversal could be commentary from President Donald Trump. The President recently suggested that the U.S. was not going to follow up on previous discussions phase out tariffs along with China as part of the Phase 1 trade agreement gets ready for signatures.

Not surprisingly, the gold market’s rise today happens to coincide with stocks falling to session lows. There is a lot of day left, however, and it is still unclear if the yellow metal will be able to finish the session higher, unchanged, or lower. This is how quickly things can change.

The ongoing U.S./Chinese trade war remains a focal point for global markets.

Yesterday, stocks saw a good bump higher as rhetoric coming from trade negotiations was solid and encouraging. Thus far today, that paradigm has shifted a bit. Stocks are on the defensive as gold sits idly by, potentially waiting for a rush of buying that could put it firmly into the green for the session.

The sometimes-rapid change in expectations is something we discussed in a recent post. Even if a trade deal is reached, chances seem good that there will be disagreements along the way and potentially even further measures taken by one or both sides to try to get what they want out of the deal. The globe’s first and second-largest economies have decided to lock horns, and it may be some time, in fact quite some time, before all the damage is done and contained. This could potentially lead to a rougher road ahead for the global economy and stock investors. It is also, however, another solid reason that now, right now, may be the ideal time to add diversity with physical gold.

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