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U.S. stocks are moderately higher in early Monday action to kick off the new trading week. Positive trade developments have been tagged as the primary catalyst for stronger equity markets this morning. Over the weekend, China reportedly released a document that discussed one of the major sticking points of trade talks-intellectual property rights-and called for more protection of those rights. In addition to that, comments from U.S. national security adviser Robert O’Brien also may be playing played a role. O’Brien reportedly stated that a phase 1 deal may still be reached before the end of the year, and he reiterated the notion that the U.S. would not, however, turn a blind eye to other developments involving China, such as ongoing unrest in Hong Kong or the South China Sea, or any other geographical area that China may have operations.

Over the weekend, pro-democracy elections in Hong Kong produced a sound result.

The pro-democracy opposition won many seats in Hong Kong that could help elect the next legislature and chief executive of the region. The vote was viewed as a defeat to Beijing, which has pushed for controls and a crackdown on protesters.

American investors are also cheering on some positive M&A news. Stock brokerages Morgan Stanley and TD Ameritrade have reportedly agreed to join forces, with Morgan paying some $26 billion in stock for TD. In other news, eBay is reportedly close to a deal to sell its ticketing business, StubHub, for $4 billion to Viagogo.

Although some of the weekend’s news may be genuinely positive, a lot of the positivity seems like more of the same.

Stocks and risk assets may continue to move higher on more of the same, but unless things really change, will likely decline once all is said and done. That may be when the gold market finally makes a sustained move higher. Of course, the ideal time to get involved is before gold starts moving sharply higher. Doing so has never been easier, and perhaps never more important.

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