A Foolproof Way to Build a Significant Precious Metals Portfolio

It seems that in modern times, the moment we get our hands on a dollar there are 10 or 15 other sets of hands immediately trying to take it away from us. The landlord, the bank, the gas company, the grocery store…You name it…

Don’t Let Your Money Slip Through Your Fingers

It can be very easy to simply watch your hard earned money slip through your fingers and into the hands of someone else unless you take steps to protect and preserve your money. Unfortunately, many people do not do this and end up living paycheck to paycheck their entire lives.

There is, however, a deceptively simple yet amazingly effective solution:

Pay yourself first

You have worked very hard for your money and you deserve to be paid for your efforts. Why not pay yourself first?

The way to do this is simple, easy and difficult to screw up. All you have to do is take the first XX percent of your take-home pay and invest it. And what better vehicle to invest it in than physical gold, silver or other precious metals?

For example, if your take-home paycheck every two weeks is $3000, take the first 10 percent of that off the top ($300) and invest it in physical precious metals. Use the remaining balance of $2700 to pay bills and take care of any other responsibilities.

After doing this for a while, the savings will become automatic and you will be astonished at how fast your money may grow.

That’s it. Not exactly rocket science is it?

By consistently following a plan like this you will accomplish two very important things at once:

Saving For The Future

Paying yourself first puts your savings on autopilot and makes it easy to save consistently. In fact, after a while you won’t even miss the money as the habit of saving has become so ingrained. Saving will become enjoyable, and watching your money grow will motivate you to save even more. Saving regularly can also put the power of time to work in your favor and may provide opportunities for dollar-cost averaging.

Protecting Your Wealth

By paying yourself first in physical, gold, silver, or other precious metals, you are helping to protect the value of your savings and the future of your purchasing power. These precious metals have been considered a reliable store of value and protector of wealth for centuries, and carry no counterparty risk. You can sleep well at night owning hard assets like physical gold or silver.

The only question now is: What are you waiting for?

Speak with an Advantage Gold account executive today. Our precious metals professionals will educate you on the potential benefits of physical precious metals ownership and can show you how to begin paying yourself first using physical gold, silver, and other precious metals. We can even show you how to acquire and hold these key metals using your IRA account.

You have the opportunity to save for your future right now. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Talk to an IRA advisor about how to roll over your 401(k) into a Gold IRA by opening a self-directed IRA account, contact us or call us at 800-341-8584 today.

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