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5 Tips to Avoid Gold IRA Scams

Everyone who invests wants to protect their financial security. That includes those who turn to Gold IRAs to diversify their portfolios and hedge against inflation. That said, the increase in popularity among gold and other precious metals has led to an uptick in Gold IRA scams.  A Gold IRA is a reputable investment vehicle. You deserve to invest your hard-earned money with confidence. If you have concerns about how to identify Gold IRA scams and want to learn more about how to avoid them, the... Continue Reading

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Does a Gold IRA Earn Interest?

Whether you’re an investor approaching retirement or dabbling in the market for fun, you have plenty of options to grow your wealth: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, savings accounts, and more.  But today’s economic environment is more chaotic than it has been in decades. And the savviest investors are on the prowl for better ways to preserve their wealth. That includes seeking ways to diversify their portfolios, such as moving investments away from traditional stocks and bonds to tangible assets like gold.  One of the most... Continue Reading

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Stocks vs. Precious Metals: Pros & Cons

Sometimes opposites attract.  Sonny and Cher. Martin and Lewis. Peanut butter and jelly.  Sometimes we need a little help from a friend to fill the gaps and complete the mission. Deciding between an investment in stocks vs. precious metals may be a similar scenario.  The two are complete opposites, but they can be great complements. Owning precious metals in tandem with stocks may be just the pairing to help you achieve your investment goals.  We will look at both assets to get a better understanding... Continue Reading

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Gold IRA vs. Direct Delivery

Everyone has different needs and different resources.  Some investors want to move from the paper assets in a conventional IRA or 401(k) and own something real in their retirement accounts.  Others have investable cash on hand and want to trade their fiat currency for something tangible that has had value since the times of ancient civilizations. Fortunately, if you fall into either category and are considering gold ownership, there are two methods that can get you there.  Let’s explore and compare the Gold IRA vs.... Continue Reading

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How to Choose the Best Gold IRA Company

While investors have plenty of options when seeking a Gold IRA company, choosing the right one can make a big difference in the experience. You want your Gold IRA company to provide the answers you need, be responsive to your concerns, and showcase its knowledge and experience in the industry.  Advantage Gold focuses on more than just explaining what a Gold IRA is. Our team can help you decide which specific gold coins or other precious metals make the most sense for your portfolio. We’ll... Continue Reading

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How to Transfer Your IRA to a Gold IRA

Once you’ve decided to convert your existing IRA into a Gold IRA, it’s time to complete the process. No matter what kind of retirement accounts you have, transferring funds from one to another is a process. It requires attention to detail and prompt action because failing to do it correctly can cost you thousands of dollars.  Advantage Gold has helped thousands of customers move to Gold IRA investing, including transferring funds between accounts.   What Is an IRA Transfer?  Let’s walk through the basics of how... Continue Reading

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What is IRA-Eligible Gold?

IRA-eligible gold is physical gold minted as coins or bars that have been approved by the IRS and deemed investment grade. The IRS allows only these specific metals in a Gold IRA.  The IRS has strict guidelines regarding the types of metals you can have in an IRA. These guidelines help keep your long-term retirement funds safe and secure. To be considered for storage in an individual retirement account, gold or other eligible precious metals must meet benchmarks for the following standards:  Quality  Purity  Condition ... Continue Reading

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How Much Does a Gold IRA Cost

No matter how you plan to save for retirement, you’re probably thinking about the overall costs. Even traditional 401(k)s and IRAs typically have some form of fees or management costs. And as the banking system proves to be more volatile than ever—including the risk of loss due to recession or market instability—you might be considering alternative means of investing, including in precious metals like silver or gold. One way to pursue gold or silver as an investment is through a Gold IRA.  While Gold IRAs... Continue Reading

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Are Gold IRAs Safe? Everything You Need to Know

Investing involves risk, whether in a new product, real estate, stocks, bonds, or even retirement funds. What makes investing less risky, traditionally, is diversifying a portfolio. Instead of putting their eggs in one basket, many insightful investors might allocate their assets across a spectrum to protect against various economic factors.   One of those investment vehicles? Gold.  IRA gold investment is an increasingly popular avenue, especially for those who are close to retirement. One common question, however, is whether Gold IRAs are safe options for retirement... Continue Reading

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How Does a Gold IRA Work?

How often do you think about your retirement savings and investments? Do you feel like you’ve adequately diversified your portfolio? Have you considered gold as a potential vehicle for your future financial security?   If you’ve stopped to think about these questions, there’s a good chance you’ve considered investing in gold or other precious metals. But you may not know the details on how to invest in gold as part of your retirement account (IRA).  Traditionally, an IRA is a plan that holds paper investments like... Continue Reading

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