Get All the Silver You Can At Current Levels

The Silver market has made repeated attempts to break away from its recent trading range, yet it has thus far failed each and every time.

You know what they say about a rubber band though, don’t you? You can stretch a rubber band repeatedly right up to its breaking point and it snaps back-until it doesn’t. And when that rubber band finally gives way to the forces pulling on it, it tends to snap in quick and decisive fashion.

Such may prove to be the case with silver.

In our view, silver is not only affordable at current price levels, but it is downright cheap.

Now consider this for a moment:

By some estimates, silver prices could rise from current price levels-and rise substantially.

Think $50, $100, $250 or even $1000 per ounce is far-fetched? Think again. Such prices may not be as crazy as some would think.

What could possibly drive silver sharply higher? Well, for starters:

  • Silver is widely used in industry already, and more and more uses for silver are likely to be found. The white metal may also see growing use in existing technologies. Silver’s use in solar technology, for example, is on the rise. Silver plays an important role in photovoltaic (PV) cells used in solar panels, and as the move towards renewable energy sources continues, demand for silver may grow substantially.
  • The global economy is on shaky ground to say the least, and world economies may continue to rely on central bank easing measures and low interest rates to try to avoid a deflationary spiral. An ongoing environment of low rates and quantitative easing may be very supportive for silver and other precious metals.
  • Silver coin demand has recently seen record levels, with American silver eagles selling over 47 million units in 2015. This year may even see that record shattered again.
  • The gold/silver ratio currently stands around 68-meaning that it takes 68 ounces of silver to buy a single ounce of gold. Some analysts believe this ratio will return to much lower previous levels. If that proves to be the case, silver could potentially stand to gain a lot of ground versus the gold price in the coming months and years.

Food for thought:

If the price of gold reached $10,000 per ounce (which some analysts have called for and we see as a possibility), at the current gold/silver ratio, silver would be priced around $147 per ounce.

How about this now:

If the price of gold reached $10,000 per ounce and the gold/silver ratio was at 16, then silver would be priced at $625 per ounce.

Whether silver goes to $147 or $625, buying it at $18 or $19 per ounce would certainly make that a good investment.

Are there any guarantees that silver will rise that much?

Of course not. But put it this way:

At $18 or $19 per ounce, the most you could possibly lose is $18 or $19 per ounce (if the price of silver somehow went to zero). On the other hand, your investment would have unlimited profit potential.

We think it would be difficult to argue that this is anything but a good risk-especially when investing for the long-term.

This is a magnificent opportunity to buy silver before it potentially takes off and never looks back. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Speak with an Advantage Gold account executive today about physical silver ownership. Buying and holding real physical silver has never been easier than it is today, and we can even show you how easy it is to start accumulating silver using your IRA account.

Don’t wait for silver prices to rise before taking action. Call us today at 1-800-341-8584 to learn more today.

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