More Trouble Ahead

The gold/copper ratio reached its highest level in three years in the third quarter, in what could potentially be a signal for price movement in the year or even years ahead. The World Bank recently, according to Kitco, said that the price of gold is likely to push back towards the $1600 region.

There are numerous potential reasons for gold to push higher as copper and base metals push lower or remain stagnant. In fact, a price of $1600 per ounce represents a less-than six percent increase from current levels over the next year, hardly a home run worth writing home about.

As is often the case, the important parts are in the details, not just what the gold market could potentially stand to gain if things heat up further.

The risks in the gold market are on the upside and could represent the heightened uncertainty and weaker prospects of the global economy going forward.

The recent upside seen in gold is no fluke, either. Central banks have been major buyers of the yellow metal, adding it to their reserves as the global economic and geopolitical backdrop deteriorates further. Global central banks have purchased the metal in its physical form, while smaller investors have been gaining exposure through gold ETFs, jewelry purchases and other means. Whatever the case may be, increasing demand for gold could push prices back to $1600 or even well-beyond that level in the months ahead.

As global central banks look to become increasingly dovish in the months ahead, there could be some heightened volatility.

Both stocks and gold could potentially see increasingly volatile periods in which price movement seems to lack any sense.

When this market volatility becomes increasingly common and/or extreme, investors must keep in mind the long-term reasons for owning gold. Don’t be fooled by short-term fluctuations in stocks, copper or other assets, just stay focused on the long-term issues and you may do just fine.

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