Stocks vs. Precious Metals: Pros & Cons

Sometimes opposites attract.  Sonny and Cher. Martin and Lewis. Peanut butter and jelly.  Sometimes we need a little help from a friend to fill the gaps and complete the mission. Deciding between an investment in stocks vs. precious metals may be a similar scenario.  The two are complete opposites, but they can be great complements. Owning precious metals in tandem with stocks may be just the pairing to help you achieve your investment goals.  We will look at both assets to get a better understanding... Continue Reading

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Platinum vs. Palladium: Which Is the Better Investment?

Deciding between platinum and palladium can be tough.  Anyone who has bought fine jewelry can attest to the natural beauty and allure of both.  But for investors and industry, palladium and platinum serve different purposes, appeal to different types, and may achieve goals on different timelines.  We will explore the characteristics and uses of each metal and discuss their pros and cons. What Is Palladium?  Palladium is a shiny, silver-white precious metal.  It is part of the platinum group metals, which includes platinum, palladium, rhodium,... Continue Reading

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Uncirculated Coins: What Are They & What Is Their Worth?

There’s an old saying, “Everything old is new again.” That rings especially true for coin collectors, enthusiasts, and investors. In the world of uncirculated coins, anything old that’s new is the holy grail.  But what are uncirculated coins, and what are uncirculated coins worth? This guide will teach you what you need to know to spot an uncirculated coin. We will arm you with the knowledge you need. The rest is up to you.   What Are Uncirculated Coins? Uncirculated coins are coins struck by... Continue Reading

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Palladium vs. Gold: Which Is the Better Investment?

David vs. Goliath. Ali vs. Foreman. USA hockey vs. Russia.  Sometimes, what seems to be a mismatch turns out to be a fair fight.  Such is the case with palladium vs. gold.  Palladium, gold’s lesser known precious metals cousin, has had plenty of time to shine. But how does it compare to gold as an investment? This guide will look at both metals. We will delve into their histories, past performance, and current performance.  Our goal is to help you make a good decision. Let’s... Continue Reading

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How to Hedge Against Inflation: 5 Strategies

Inflation is like a horror movie. There’s no escaping. The signs are everywhere you look: $14 for a dozen eggs $6.50 for a gallon of gas $10 orange juice Inflation has taken hold, and millions of consumers are feeling the pinch.  The current US Inflation Rate is 3.7% compared to 3.67 last month. Still higher than the long-term average of 3.28%, current levels have quelled from last year’s 8.2%. But what is inflation, and how can you try to avoid it? This guide will explain... Continue Reading

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Gold Coins vs. Gold Bars

Investors and collectors face a difficult choice: gold coins vs. bars.  Both are gold. Both are shiny. Both are beautiful. So what’s the difference?  In this guide, we will explore the similarities and differences between bars and coins. We will look at how they are valued, how to purchase them, and how to liquidate your bars and coins.  We hope to help you decide what’s best for your needs.  But let’s face it. It’s gold. There are no bad choices here.    What Are Gold... Continue Reading

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What Was the Gold Standard?

Imagine walking into a bank, pulling dollars from your pocket, handing them to a teller, and the teller giving you gold in return.  Sounds wonderful but crazy, doesn’t it? As far-fetched as it seems, there was a time—not too long ago—that this was reality. The United States and most other countries were on the gold standard. And with the gold standard, you could freely convert dollar bills to gold.   This guide will also answer the following questions: What is the gold standard? When did the... Continue Reading

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Gold IRA vs. Direct Delivery

Everyone has different needs and different resources.  Some investors want to move from the paper assets in a conventional IRA or 401(k) and own something real in their retirement accounts.  Others have investable cash on hand and want to trade their fiat currency for something tangible that has had value since the times of ancient civilizations. Fortunately, if you fall into either category and are considering gold ownership, there are two methods that can get you there.  Let’s explore and compare the Gold IRA vs.... Continue Reading

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Physical Gold vs. Paper Gold

Understanding the Differences Between Physical Gold and Paper Gold  Gold ownership boils down to a battle of paper gold vs. physical gold.  Both have their advantages. Both have their flaws.  What they have in common is gold—one of the oldest currencies and stores of value the world has ever seen.  This guide will help you decide what kind of gold you should own.  We will walk you through your options, explain how they work, and teach you how to acquire whichever form of gold you... Continue Reading

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Platinum vs. Gold

We shouldn’t have to ask, “Is gold or platinum better for my portfolio?” Both precious metals have a place. They sometimes share a purpose.  But understanding their differences is key. This guide will explain the usefulness and drawbacks of each metal.   Luckily, both will serve you well. In the long run, you probably can’t go wrong with either a platinum or gold investment.  Let’s take a look. Investing in Gold  Physical gold has been a currency and a store of value since the times of... Continue Reading

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