5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Silver

We live in uncertain times. Information is available in amounts unseen in history. One source might say go, while another says stop.  Whom do you believe? What can you trust? Making that determination seems tougher than ever.  As a result, many suffer from paralysis by analysis—what some refer to as thinking too much. Getting stuck in the maze and not knowing which way to turn typically leads to turning in circles and going nowhere at all. You need clear facts to make clear decisions. Thriving... Continue Reading

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Is China Taking Control of the Gold Market?

Investing in gold has only increased in popularity over the past few years. As market uncertainties continue to drive investor sentiment in conflicting directions, more and more people have begun to diversify their investments and purchase quantities of physical gold.  But gold is attractive to more than just individual retail investors because of its steady (if not increasing) price. While nations have always accumulated gold as part of their reserves, some countries, including China, have increased their gold holdings over the past few years.  China... Continue Reading

Back to Business

With the Labor Day Holiday weekend now in the rear-view mirror, investors will likely look to get back down to business as the month of September gets under way. With increasing trade volumes may also come an increase in market volatility. Investors appear to have gotten quite complacent in recent months as stocks have treaded water not far from previous all-time highs. This complacency, however, could lead to a significant market decline if a bearish catalyst gets the ball rolling. A primary area of concern... Continue Reading