Why Silver Bars Make a Great Addition to Your Portfolio

Silver bars are one of the most versatile precious metals investments you can make. While we believe that gold bars and coins should form the cornerstone of any precious metals portfolio, silver bars make an excellent addition and can add diversification to your holdings. This may be especially true as the uses for silver coin IRAs seemingly increase on a daily basis.

What makes silver bars a wise choice?

Silver Bars Are Cost-Effective

Silver bars carry some of the most reasonable premiums. A simple silver bar is valued based on its silver content, nothing more. These bars are produced in large quantities by many different fabricators, and a wide selection of designs and weights is available. You can save even more money when buying larger bars, such as 100-ounce bars, in bulk. The per-ounce savings can be dramatically lower buying this way in contrast to buying small one- or ten-ounce bars one at a time.

Easily Stored

Silver bars are stackable and are thus easily and conveniently stored. While we recommend using your IRA account to buy the bulk of your silver and having it stored in an approved depository, keeping some silver readily available is not a bad idea. Silver bars can be kept at home in a safe or secure location, or in a safe deposit box.

Multiple Value Drivers

Silver is a precious metal, and as such, derives much of its value from investment demand. Silver, like gold, may be purchased to hedge against currency or inflation risks, or to add diversification to an investment portfolio. Unlike gold, however, silver is also widely used in industry. More and more uses for the white metal are likely to be found, and as industrial demand for silver rises, so may prices. Silver has the potential to give investors the best of both worlds.


Silver bars are some of the most liquid precious metals products on the market. Silver bars are easily bought and sold, and are conveniently exchanged. While we recommend acquiring and holding as much silver as you reasonably can, silver bars are easy to sell should the need arise. In the midst of currency or economic crises, silver bars could be used for exchange to obtain necessities such as food or fuel.

Limited Supply

Silver usage has increased significantly in recent years while production has declined. As a natural resource, there is only so much silver to be mined, and eventually, the globe’s supply will run out. As silver production decreases, silver prices could potentially rise significantly in the face of increasing demand and relative scarcity.

In our view, current silver prices represent an undeniable value that could potentially increase dramatically in the coming years and decades. The only question is: Would you rather buy silver bars at $23 per ounce or $50 per ounce? How about $100 per ounce?

With regard to silver prices, the sky’s the limit. The time to act is sooner rather than later. If you are a new silver investor, silver bars are a great value and easy way to begin acquiring ounces today.

Your IRA account may be the ideal vehicle for buying and holding silver bars. Setting up a precious metals IRA can be done right over the phone, and adding precious metals to an existing IRA is just as convenient.

To learn more about silver bars and the potential benefits that come along with physical silver ownership, speak with an Advantage Gold account executive today. Our professionals will answer any questions you may have about investing in physical silver and will show you just how easy it is to begin acquiring these key precious metals using your IRA account.

Talk to an IRA advisor about how to roll over your 401(k) into a Gold IRA by opening a self-directed IRA account, contact us or call us at 800-341-8584 today.

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