Why You Should Consider Adding Silver Right Now

It’s no secret that silver saw a hard fall from the all-time highs reached just a few years back. Silver fell from nearly $50 per ounce to less than $14 per ounce. Silver has been relatively range-bound for some time now but is currently showing signs of an upside breakout.

Now…Right now could be an excellent time to add physical silver to your portfolio.

Here are three simple reasons why:

Prices Appear To Have Bottomed

After declining 70 percent + from all-time highs seen just a few years ago, silver is showing signs of a bottom. The bears have repeatedly tried to take silver lower in recent years and have failed. Silver appeared to have found a level of equilibrium and it appears that now that level of equilibrium may be on the rise. Given silver’s many industrial uses and investment demand, it is difficult to make any case for lower silver prices. While we believe that precious metals ownership is about a lot more than just price appreciation, we also don’t believe there is anything wrong with buying low and selling high. Current price levels in silver represent what we feel is an excellent long-term value and it is possible that such a buying opportunity may not be seen again.

Demand For Perceived Safe Havens May Rise

The global economy is currently facing a number of significant issues. Worries over China’s economy, the threat of global inflation, the war in Ukraine, and overall lackluster economic growth are just a few of the issues that could potentially keep investors on the defensive. This investor angst has already driven equities sharply lower in recent months. Unfortunately for stock investors, selling in equities could have a long ways to go. Weaker stock prices could potentially drive demand for perceived safe-haven assets such as silver and gold. It’s better to get on the train before it leaves the station…

The Dollar May Resume Its Long-Term Downtrend

The dollar has been declining in value for some time now. As the dollar loses value, it inevitably buys less and less. This means that every dollar you earn now buys you fewer goods and services. Things like food, fuel, and medical care all become relatively more expensive. Without owning assets that can potentially offset losses in purchasing power, further dollar declines can erode the value of your portfolio, and real returns earned and can have a significant impact on your financial well-being. Silver can potentially hedge against a loss of buying power and in our view certainly has its place within an investment portfolio. As the recent dollar rally comes to an end, weakness within the currency may boost gold and silver prices significantly.

While this list could go on and on, these are three simple reasons that we feel you should consider an allocation in physical silver right now.

Don’t wait for your hard-earned dollars to buy less, for silver prices to rise dramatically and for further downside in equities.

Explore your options today…

Advantage Gold account executives are ready to answer any questions you may have about purchasing physical silver. We can even show you how, step by step, to include actual physical silver in your portfolio using your IRA account. Don’t have an IRA account? No problem, we can help.

Talk to an IRA advisor about how to roll over your 401(k) into a Gold IRA by opening a self-directed IRA account, contact us or call us at 800-341-8584 today.

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