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The U.S. Economy Is Weaker Than You Think

Over six years ago Wall Street was rocked by an unprecedented crisis … and the U.S. economy still hasn’t been able to fully recover since then. September 2008 ushered in the dramatic Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac takeover, the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, the AIG bailout, and ended with the introduction of massive government legislation to buy “toxic” mortgage debt. The ensuing global financial crisis took its toll on economies around the world and the U.S. and global economy are still scuffling to climb back to... Continue Reading

Is Greece Teetering On The Edge Of Default?

Black Storm Cloud Looms Over Greece And The Global Horizon The clock is ticking toward a Greek debt default which could jettison the country from the euro-single currency bloc. A “Grexit” or Greek exit from the euro zone could catapult the region and the globe back into financial crisis and political turmoil. A Greek exit would have far reaching implications not only for contagion within the euro zone, but would also raise concerns about the viability of paper currencies, and the subsequent shifting global power... Continue Reading