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Get All the Silver You Can At Current Levels

The Silver market has made repeated attempts to break away from its recent trading range, yet it has thus far failed each and every time. You know what they say about a rubber band though, don’t you? You can stretch a rubber band repeatedly right up to its breaking point and it snaps back-until it doesn’t. And when that rubber band finally gives way to the forces pulling on it, it tends to snap in quick and decisive fashion. Such may prove to be the... Continue Reading

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Silver Can Be a Savior

One of the primary benefits in our view of owning physical gold is the comfort that can be provided by owning a real, hard asset that you can touch and hold. Gold is considered to be a form of currency all over the world, and could be used as a medium of exchange anywhere on the planet. Silver is also recognized anywhere in the world for its inherent value and, like gold, could be used to barter or make purchases if need be. At current... Continue Reading

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Why You Should Include American Silver Eagles in Your Portfolio

If you are in the market for physical silver bullion, you have many choices to consider. Silver is very popular for good reason and is available in several forms including silver bars, coins, and rounds. If you have looked at silver, you have likely come across the iconic American silver eagle coin. The American silver eagle is the most popular silver coin in the world. A Brief History The American silver eagle bullion coin was first struck in November of 1986. The coin was authorized... Continue Reading

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The Least Expensive Way to Begin Acquiring Silver

So you have decided to begin investing in silver. The question now is what types of silver products should you be buying. There are numerous choices available to investors when it comes to silver, and what you decide to invest in may be determined by your investment goals. We believe that various forms of coinage certainly have their place within your portfolio. We also believe, however, that the key to building a long-term financial fortress using precious metals is to buy and hold as much... Continue Reading

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Why Silver Bars Make a Great Addition to Your Portfolio

Silver bars are one of the most versatile precious metals investments you can make. While we believe that gold bars and coins should form the cornerstone of any precious metals portfolio, silver bars make an excellent addition and can add diversification to your holdings. What makes silver bars a wise choice? Silver bars are cost effective: Silver bars carry some of the most reasonable premiums. A simple silver bar is valued based on its silver content, nothing more. These bars are produced in large quantities... Continue Reading

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How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Building a Precious Metals Portfolio Today

Often, we know what we should be doing yet fail to act. We know that eating less sugar is good for our health and our waistlines, yet we do not manage to eliminate it from our diets. We know that cigarettes kill, yet many of us continue to puff away. We are aware that portfolio diversification may hold the key to a sound financial future, yet we continue to pour money into our company stock. Clearly, some habits are very hard to break. Some habits,... Continue Reading

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3 Reasons to Start Buying Precious Metals Today

Perhaps you have heard of precious metals investments. Maybe you even thought about buying gold once or twice in the past but never got around to doing it. Or perhaps you are fully invested in equities and have never even looked beyond stocks at alternative investments. If this is you, it’s time to start thinking a little “outside the box.” In fact, in our view, right now represents one of the best opportunities to begin investing in gold, silver and other precious metals. In fact,... Continue Reading

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Why Silver Prices Could Double From Current Levels

The decline in silver prices in recent years has been widely publicized, and silver critics have used it as an example of why you shouldn’t buy silver. While silver’s decline from record highs was, in fact, steep and swift, the market appears to have found equilibrium at current levels. Now ask yourself this question: Would you rather buy something at all-time-highs or would you rather buy it at a substantial discount from those highs? Assuming you answered “buy at a substantial discount” then right now... Continue Reading

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What Might the Gold/Silver Ratio Be Telling Us?

The gold/silver ratio is a simple equation that gauges the price of gold relative to the price of silver, and vice-versa. The equation goes like this: How many ounces of silver does it take to buy one ounce of gold? In other words, take the current gold price and divide by the current silver price. The answer is the current gold/silver ratio. For example, today’s gold price of $1193 per ounce divided by today’s silver price of $15.40 gives us a gold/silver ratio of 77.46.... Continue Reading

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Get Your Hands on Silver While You Still Can

While you often hear gold is even more precious than silver, it’s silver that could potentially run dry before gold. If you already own physical gold, wouldn’t it make sense to consider adding silver as well? Some estimates put the total amount of silver already mined at 1.5 million tons. Sounds like a lot of silver right? Wrong… You see, we have lost much of what has previously been mined. A significant portion of that 1.5 million tons of silver was never recycled and likely... Continue Reading

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