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Get All the Silver You Can At Current Levels

The Silver market has made repeated attempts to break away from its recent trading range, yet it has thus far failed each and every time. You know what they say about a rubber band though, don’t you? You can stretch a rubber band repeatedly right up to its breaking point and it snaps back-until it doesn’t. And when that rubber band finally gives way to the forces pulling on it, it tends to snap in quick and decisive fashion. Such may prove to be the... Continue Reading

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The Least Expensive Way to Begin Acquiring Silver

So you have decided to begin investing in silver. The question now is what types of silver products should you be buying. There are numerous choices available to investors when it comes to silver, and what you decide to invest in may be determined by your investment goals. We believe that various forms of coinage certainly have their place within your portfolio. We also believe, however, that the key to building a long-term financial fortress using precious metals is to buy and hold as much... Continue Reading

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Why Silver Prices Could Double From Current Levels

The decline in silver prices in recent years has been widely publicized, and silver critics have used it as an example of why you shouldn’t buy silver. While silver’s decline from record highs was, in fact, steep and swift, the market appears to have found equilibrium at current levels. Now ask yourself this question: Would you rather buy something at all-time-highs or would you rather buy it at a substantial discount from those highs? Assuming you answered “buy at a substantial discount” then right now... Continue Reading

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