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Why the Dollar Is Overvalued

The U.S. dollar has been on the stronger side of the ledger in recent months. There are numerous factors at work that have kept the greenback moving higher, including strong U.S.  economic data and weakness in other regions. Creeping Weakness Affecting the Dollar Recent months have seen some significant weakness creep into the U.S. data stream, however, and China has been reporting some serious weakness of its own. The dollar has likely enjoyed the benefits of weaker growth in emerging markets and the fear of... Continue Reading

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Put That Old 401k to Use

The amount of people that leave an employer and simply let their employer sponsored 401k plan sit and rot is truly astounding. Once an old 401k plans begins to sit, it becomes susceptible to erosion from annual fees and a lack of diversification. Not to mention the fact that there is no longer funds flowing into the account on a regular basis. Leaving an old 401k to simply sit is a colossal waste of time, capital and resources. Not only may the account bleed money... Continue Reading

Simple Advice for First Time Gold Buyers

Congratulations…You have decided to begin investing in physical gold. While the notion of buying and holding physical gold coins, bars or rounds may seem daunting to new investors, in reality the process is quite simple. If you are just beginning your journey on the road to a more secure financial future, the following simple tips will make the process more convenient and enjoyable: Make a Plan: Physical gold ownership should be viewed as a process, and not simply a one and done endeavor. We recommend... Continue Reading

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How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Building a Precious Metals Portfolio Today

Often, we know what we should be doing yet fail to act. We know that eating less sugar is good for our health and our waistlines, yet we do not manage to eliminate it from our diets. We know that cigarettes kill, yet many of us continue to puff away. We are aware that portfolio diversification may hold the key to a sound financial future, yet we continue to pour money into our company stock. Clearly, some habits are very hard to break. Some habits,... Continue Reading

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3 Easy Ways to Diversify a Precious Metals Portfolio

Diversification is an extremely important concept in modern investing. A portfolio that is well-diversified may potentially exhibit lower volatility while also potentially delivering higher returns. A diversified portfolio may make it easier to weather storms in financial markets and stay on track towards long-term investment goals. While we believe that gold, silver and other precious metals are an invaluable tool when  it comes to portfolio diversification, we believe that good diversification goes beyond simply including physical gold or silver in your holdings. In fact, we... Continue Reading

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