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Pay Attention

The stock market has exhibited enormous volatility in the last several sessions. It started last Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping over 700 points. The sellers were far from finished, however, and the selling resumed full force on Monday. The opening session of the trading week saw the Dow decline by an astounding 1600 points at one point, before rebounding a bit to end down a whopping 1175 points-the largest point decline on record. Tuesday looked as if it might be another brutal... Continue Reading

Why the Next Crash Could be Worse than 1987

Stocks have been climbing for a solid decade now, and more and more investors appear ready to jump on the bandwagon for fear of missing additional gains. As has been discussed at length in previous posts, however, the market has the potential to take a swift and severe turn lower, catching many investors off-guard in the process. In fact, the next major stock market crash could potentially be greater than what was seen in 1987, when the Dow lost almost a full quarter of its... Continue Reading