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A Storm on the Horizon

The equity bull market that began in 2008 has been dubbed the most hated bull market in history by some. The run higher in equities over the last several years did, indeed, leave many scratching their heads. While many equity investors have enjoyed some strong returns during this period, there are ominous signs pointing to the possible end of the party. Consider current interest rates and bond yields. Since getting off to a terrible start to 2016, stocks have come roaring back in the last... Continue Reading

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3 Possible Catalysts for a Significant Rally in Gold This Year

The gold market has gotten 2016 off to a good start. Investors have been buying the yellow metal as uncertainty over global economies and equities intensified. The interest seen in gold at the beginning of the year could potentially be just a glimpse of things to come. Gold appears to have found a meaningful bottom, and the market may be poised to resume its longer-term uptrend. While the possible reasons for a rally in gold are numerous, here are three potential issues that could potentially... Continue Reading

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Could the Fed Return to Quantitative Easing?

The question of whether or not the Fed would actually raise interest rates for the first time in almost a decade was answered in December. After several months of speculation, the central bank stuck to its plan of an initial rate hike by the end of 2015. Was this rate hike justified? Maybe yes, maybe no. Certainly debatable… Now that a new year has begun, investors have been trying to gauge the central bank’s intentions on further interest rate hikes. The generally accepted thought was... Continue Reading