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Deutsche Bank Warns Gold Price Should Be Much Higher Based on Central Bank Balance Sheet

Gold could be worth far more than what speculators and traders have determined to be the current spot price. There’s a hidden indicator for the intrinsic price of gold that many investors have ignored. In addition to looking at the cost of mining gold, the level of government debt and total gold production, a major indicator that perceptive investors should pay attention to is central banks’ balance sheets. According to Deutsche Bank’s Michael Hsueh and Grant Sporre, there is a correlation between the rates at... Continue Reading

The Earlier the Better

The idea of saving early and often is widely publicized in financial media, and this notion is certainly grounded in some very time-tested and solid principles. In fact, it has been shown time and time again that those who start saving early in their working lives and continue to save throughout their working lives can amass some very considerable fortunes. In our view, there are two things that make this possible. The power of compound interest The power of dollar cost averaging Should you look... Continue Reading

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