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Is a 40 Percent Correction in the Cards for Stocks?

Risks for stocks seem to be increasing by the day. That being said, it could still me time before stocks finally make a long-term top. After all, numerous analysts have been calling for a top for some time now, yet the market has remained stubbornly bullish. Whether the top is finally reached tomorrow, next week, next month or sometime next year, the end of the bull market is likely on the horizon. While a “correction” is defined as a pullback of 10 percent or more,... Continue Reading

Is Market Risk Highest Since 2008?

Stocks have been moving higher for years now, in fact it has been nearly a decade since the bull market got underway. Although it seems at times that nothing can stand in the way of higher equity prices, some investment professionals have been sounding the alarm bell. One such professional is Bill Gross, affectionately referred to as the “bond king” and manager of the Janus Henderson Global Unconstrained Bond Fund. And when Mr. Gross speaks-people listen. Mr. Gross seems to be of the opinion that... Continue Reading

Better Times Ahead For Gold?

In spite of the declines seen in recent weeks following Donald Trump’s Presidential election victory, gold and silver still managed to put together a solid year of gains. Although these key precious metals remain vulnerable to further selling pressure, long-term buyers and bargain hunters may step in at or around current price levels, helping the metals find what may be a long-term bottom. Numerous issues have been cited for gold’s recent weakness, including stronger stocks, rising interest rates, a higher dollar index and economic optimism.... Continue Reading