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An Expanding Danger

As was anticipated, the Federal Reserve raised the key benchmark rate 25 bps to 1.75-2.00%. The central bank appeared to have a slightly more hawkish tone in its statement, and has made clear that it will hike rates twice more in 2018. The central bank did, however, stick with its previous forecast for three rate hikes next year. Although rates are not likely to get anywhere near levels seen in previous tightening cycles, they are expected to continue to rise gradually. The idea of higher... Continue Reading

Is Market Risk Highest Since 2008?

Stocks have been moving higher for years now, in fact it has been nearly a decade since the bull market got underway. Although it seems at times that nothing can stand in the way of higher equity prices, some investment professionals have been sounding the alarm bell. One such professional is Bill Gross, affectionately referred to as the “bond king” and manager of the Janus Henderson Global Unconstrained Bond Fund. And when Mr. Gross speaks-people listen. Mr. Gross seems to be of the opinion that... Continue Reading

Is Bond King Bill Gross Saying Go For Gold?

Stocks are at fresh all-time highs and investors seem to be feeling better about the economy. While investors’ sentiment may not have yet reached the euphoric stage, stocks could potentially have some room to run higher. Or could they? While stock bullishness appears to still be at healthy levels, some investors may be questioning just how much further the current rally can run. Some investors, like Janus Capital Group portfolio manager Bill Gross, feel that perhaps investors should be cutting their risk. Of particular note... Continue Reading