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Has Gold Found a Bottom?

It’s no secret that the gold market has struggled for several weeks now. Following a convincing upside breakout in price that took the market to over the $1500 level, the gold bulls have not seen the type of follow through that they are looking for. In fact, prices have been on the decline since finding a top with seemingly little to stop the recent descent. The gold market has possibly now found a bottom. Although it is too early to tell; recent price action could... Continue Reading

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Patience is Key

Gold is showing some undeniable signs of strength that could be indicative of an upcoming breakout in price. While those that are only near-sighted or looking to trade the metal over the short-term may be frustrated with its recent trading range, smart long-term investors may see the current range as a great opportunity to acquire more of it before prices really take off. There are two current issues being seen in the market that are noteworthy: First, the gold market has seen any significant declines.... Continue Reading

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