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Heavy Hitters Betting On Gold

We have consistently preached the value of gold and other precious metals and why we feel that these instruments may appreciate significantly in value over the long-term. We believe strongly that gold can provide investors with numerous potential benefits including price appreciation, protection of wealth and purchasing power, and a hedge against inflation or deflation. We think gold prices are going higher, and we are not the only ones that feel this way… Billionaire investor and hedge fund manager George Soros has been reportedly dumping... Continue Reading

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A Storm on the Horizon

The equity bull market that began in 2008 has been dubbed the most hated bull market in history by some. The run higher in equities over the last several years did, indeed, leave many scratching their heads. While many equity investors have enjoyed some strong returns during this period, there are ominous signs pointing to the possible end of the party. Consider current interest rates and bond yields. Since getting off to a terrible start to 2016, stocks have come roaring back in the last... Continue Reading

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How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Building a Precious Metals Portfolio Today

Often, we know what we should be doing yet fail to act. We know that eating less sugar is good for our health and our waistlines, yet we do not manage to eliminate it from our diets. We know that cigarettes kill, yet many of us continue to puff away. We are aware that portfolio diversification may hold the key to a sound financial future, yet we continue to pour money into our company stock. Clearly, some habits are very hard to break. Some habits,... Continue Reading

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