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Appetite For Risk

The stock market has put together a decent run over the past week as investor appetite for risk has seen an uptick. Some optimistic commentary about the ongoing U.S./China trade war is the primary catalyst for equity gains this week, and investors are hoping that some significant progress may be made at the negotiating table in the weeks ahead. The stock market has a tendency to turn on a dime, however, and any negative developments concerning the trade war could send stocks sharply lower again... Continue Reading

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It’s a Classic Bull Trap

Stocks have again found their winning ways in recent weeks but it’s likely all a classic bull trap… After a rough end to 2018, the markets have been moving higher even as a U.S./China trade deal remains elusive. The benchmark S&P 500 is once again challenging resistance around the 2800 level, and some investors are hopeful that the market will stage an upside breakout and embark on a fresh leg higher into a new all-time high territory. However, investors may be very disappointed if the... Continue Reading

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Is A Tipping Point At Hand?

In early action on Wednesday, the stock market is getting hit once again, and hit hard. Rising bond yields remain the object of blame for today’s sell-off, and the market is showing some significant signs of cracking. The selling seen last week and thus far today could simply prove to be a small taste of the potential carnage ahead. Higher yields are creating competition for stocks, which have enjoyed a significant, decade-long run due in no small part to a lack of viable alternatives. Given... Continue Reading

The Bottom May Be At Hand

Recent declines in the gold market have left investors wondering just how far the metal may fall before finding a bottom. Investors may not have to wonder much longer. The market could very well be at or near a long-term bottom, and price action over the next several days could be very telling. A possible bottom in the gold market could come at an interesting time. Stocks have been seeing some increasing volatility and a potential top in equities could also be in the works.... Continue Reading

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Could This Be the Market’s Undoing?

There is no shortage of potential headwinds when it comes to stocks. The potential for a larger war over trade, a stronger dollar, higher inflation and a more hawkish Fed could all potentially weigh on equities and risk assets. There is another issue currently at work, however, that could possibly prove to be the catalyst for an end to the bull run in stocks. This issue is likely unknown to the majority of investors, but could play a powerful role in the stock market’s demise.... Continue Reading

Will Stocks Force a Retirement Crisis?

Although stocks have shown some signs of trouble in recent sessions, the market has been quite resilient in recent months. Volatility remains at subdued levels, and while there may be whiff of selling in the air, the bears have yet to really show their teeth. The aging bull market will at some point make its final high-if it hasn’t done so already. Not only that, but the economy is likely to slow significantly in the quarters ahead, and the next major recession could be seen... Continue Reading

Is a Big Drop on the Way?

Stocks have been moving higher for the better part of a decade now. It is noteworthy that during the recent bull run, the market has seen very little in terms of serious or protracted corrections. Stronger economic data, more jobs and higher wages have all recently fueled the market’s ongoing upside, but at some point, the stock bulls will run out of ammunition. In fact, the economy is becoming overdue for its next recession, and it is also not clear just how long the recent... Continue Reading

Is the Next Major Commodity Cycle Getting Started?

Global equity markets have dominated much of the financial media in recent years. The ascension of stocks following the major crash of 2008-2009 is certainly a story worth telling. Many investors who bought in heavily around those lows have likely amassed a small fortune as the market has continued to climb. Nearly a decade into the bull market, however, the market is finally showing some significant signs of topping. Recent volatility could be a good indicator of a topping process already underway. Bull markets do... Continue Reading

Are Markets Topping?

The roller-coaster continues. After seeing significant selling to start the week off, stocks rebounding on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished higher by nearly 400 points on the day, and investors appeared to be putting worries over a trade war behind them-at least for the day. As has been discussed in previous posts, however, there is likely something much larger brewing in the equities markets. Recent volatility, along with a significant spike in the markets fear gauge, the “VIX,” could point to a topping... Continue Reading

Is FOMO Finally Here?

Stocks have seemingly climbed higher with little effort for some time now. In fact, the stock market has made it look easy. Ultra-low rates, previous QE, increasing corporate earnings-whatever the primary drivers of higher stocks may be, the bull market is not going to continue indefinitely. Stocks have recently been moving higher on the idea of lower corporate tax rates and higher profits, less regulation, the potential for higher wages and other factors. Also at work, however, is another catalyst. Only this catalyst can often... Continue Reading