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Why You Should Include American Silver Eagles in Your Portfolio

If you are in the market for physical silver bullion, you have many choices to consider. Silver is very popular for good reason and is available in several forms including silver bars, coins, and rounds. If you have looked at silver, you have likely come across the iconic American silver eagle coin. The American silver eagle is the most popular silver coin in the world. A Brief History The American silver eagle bullion coin was first struck in November of 1986. The coin was authorized... Continue Reading

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Chinese Bank Buys “Secret” London Gold Vault

In another indication of Chinese demand for physical gold, China’s ICBC Standard Bank has reportedly agreed to buy a London vault from Barclays. The ICBC Standard Bank is the largest bank in the world by assets, and the vault being purchased is one of the largest in all of Europe. While the exact whereabouts of the vault are unknown, it reportedly is within the M25 road and can allegedly hold up to 2000 metric tons of gold and other precious metals. Mark Buncombe, head of commodities... Continue Reading

Demand For Gold Soaring

The gold market has seen some solid gains since the beginning of this year. Investment demand for the yellow metal could be attributed to numerous factors including the economic slowdown in China, deflationary risks, ongoing geopolitical tensions, uncertainty over U.S. interest rates, and more. We would certainly have no trouble laying out a very bullish case for gold at this point, but it doesn’t matter what we think, it only matters what you think. We would make the argument that gold has many reasons to... Continue Reading

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Could Be Harder Times Ahead For China

Much has been made of the slowdown currently being experienced by China. This makes perfect sense, after all, since China is the world’s second largest economy. Stock markets have whipsawed along with Chinese equities, and any increases in volatility seen in China tend to spread quickly. The People’s Bank of China has taken measures to boost its economy and stabilize its equity markets. From interest rate cuts to bans on short selling, the central bank has not been afraid to take the steps it feels... Continue Reading

How to Build a Fortress of Gold and Silver

The road to retirement can be a long and arduous journey. There are many potential pitfalls along the way that can derail your efforts and set you back. The sooner you begin building your financial fortress, however, the more likely you will be able to not only meet your objectives, but perhaps exceed them. Here is one simple trick that has the potential to not only boost your retirement nest egg but also has the potential to protect the wealth you have worked so hard to... Continue Reading

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3 Questions to Be Asking Yourself Right Now

Global markets could potentially see significant volatility soon, and U.S. stocks could see the multi-year bull market come to an end any day now. Are you prepared? Investors will likely have to grapple with several key issues in the coming months and years, and now may be a good time to reflect and ready yourself for what could lie ahead. Here are three key questions you should be asking yourself right now, and if you don’t have the right answers, it may be time to take... Continue Reading

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A Storm on the Horizon

The equity bull market that began in 2008 has been dubbed the most hated bull market in history by some. The run higher in equities over the last several years did, indeed, leave many scratching their heads. While many equity investors have enjoyed some strong returns during this period, there are ominous signs pointing to the possible end of the party. Consider current interest rates and bond yields. Since getting off to a terrible start to 2016, stocks have come roaring back in the last... Continue Reading

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Don’t Buy Gold Because It Yields Nothing and Other Nonsense

Gold pays zero dividends. The yellow metal provides no income and in fact, may even cost money to hold. Does that mean you shouldn’t include gold in your portfolio? Some analysts argue against physical gold ownership for these very reasons. Why take $20,000, for example, and buy physical gold bullion when instead you could buy a dividend paying stock or put that capital to work in a savings or money market account? We feel it is important to address such an argument, and while we must... Continue Reading

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Can Gold and Rates Rise Together?

Last week, the release of minutes from the latest Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting showed there is growing support for another rate hike to take place in June. This seems to be quite contrary to recent assessments by many analysts, who have cited several reasons that any further hikes would likely wouldn’t be seen until December, if at all in 2016. Perhaps this was another example of investor complacency. According to the minutes: “Some participants were concerned that market participants may not have properly assessed... Continue Reading