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Why Paper Money Fails

There’s nothing like the feel of cold, hard cash in your hands. Holding a wad of bills may provide a sense of empowerment, as you feel the texture and weight of the money in your hands. For a moment now, however, try to take a different view. Imagine that in your hands is not money, or cash, but rather a stack of IOUs or promises. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it now does it? The fact is, paper money is exactly that: IOUs... Continue Reading

Is the War on Cash Just Getting Started?

Several reasons have been put forth for the recent decline in gold. At the top of that list is recent dollar strength, higher stocks and rising interest rates. While all of these are legitimate reason for gold to come under some pressure, how about what recently took place in India? In case you have not already heard, India recently announced (on November 8th) that its 500 and 1000 rupee notes are no longer considered legal tender. While you might be thinking “so what?” if you... Continue Reading