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Gold Could Shine Bright in 2018

The gold market has been relatively range bound for weeks now, could this sideways action simply be the calm before the storm? The market has been leaving some important clues that could point to higher prices. Any significant dips in the price of gold have been met by willing buyers. Despite stocks making fresh all-time highs, the gold market has not cracked, and the bears have been unable to overcome buying pressure. What could potentially lead to higher gold in the months ahead and in... Continue Reading

Geopolitics Remain a Key Driver

Gold has gotten the week off to a strong start, moving sharply higher on Monday and seeing follow-through upside on Tuesday. The metal is likely seeing renewed buying interest as the geopolitical landscape continues to warrant risk aversion. The recent vote by Catalonia to secede from Spain is just one of several key issues that could potentially fuel risk aversion. Over the weekend, thousands of Spaniards protested the potential move, and it remains unclear if the region will in fact break away from the rest... Continue Reading