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Trouble Brewing

The last several weeks have seen a very noticeable difference in risk appetite and market dynamics. Stocks have begun to show some significant signs of cracking as volatility has broken out to the upside. For stock investors, the last several weeks could simply be a small taste of more to come. Indeed, the market has covered a lot of ground over the last decade and could have a long way to fall if fundamentals continue to deteriorate. The next major potential catalyst for another leg... Continue Reading

Like a Fueling Rocket

The gold market has without a doubt had a disappointing summer to say the least. The market has yet to build upon any rallies, and eager short-sellers have pounced on the opportunity to sell any moves higher. Things may be about to change, however. The gold market is showing more signs of bottoming action, and although it is not yet clear if a bottom has been reached, the market could potentially see some fireworks in the weeks and months ahead. There is certainly no shortage... Continue Reading

Bring on the Sellers!

The gold market has begun the new trading week on its back foot, as prices have slid below the psychologically important $1200 level. A lack of fresh, bullish catalysts combined with low summer trading volumes have given sellers a distinct advantage-for now. The dollar trade continues to be a thorn in the market’s side, with the greenback strengthening further as concerns over Turkey and potential contagion in the region increase. The Turkish Lira has been a major headliner in the financial media in recent days,... Continue Reading

Isn’t the Whole Idea to Buy Low and Sell High?

When it comes to the gold market, perhaps the old saying should be changed to “buy low and sell high-if ever.” That is likely the mentality behind gold investors at this point, as the yellow metal remains stuck in a trading range. The gold market has some issues working against it currently. Higher stocks, a stronger economy and overall robust appetite for risk are all playing a role in the market’s current lack of upside follow through. In the absence of any fresh, bullish catalyst,... Continue Reading

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How Large Could the Next Stock Decline Be?

The aging bull market in equities is nearly a decade old, and some analysts have begun to question whether or not stocks have anything more left in the tank. Stocks have shown some signs of weakness in recent trade, and the notion of a long-term top being formed right now is far from a stretch. Equities have gone a long time without even a 5% drop, and the move higher has been relentless. Needless to say, the current run higher is not likely to go... Continue Reading

Gold Showing Underlying Strength

Although the gold market has thus far been unable to stage a convincing upside breakout from its recent trading range, the metal’s performance despite numerous potentially bearish factors could be viewed as a major sign of strength. Gold has not faltered despite higher equities, slumping crude oil and a more hawkish Fed. In fact, the risk-on mentality along with the notion of additional rate increases has not put much of a dent-if any-into the yellow metal. This would seemingly indicate that buyers are happy to... Continue Reading

Will a Constitutional Crisis Be the Next Major Catalyst for Higher Gold?

It seems as if there are few-if any-dull moments since President Donald Trump took office in January. When it became clear that Trump was going to be elected the 45th President of the United States, stocks rallied, bonds tumbled and gold got clobbered. Gold rebounded, however, and has seen a nice run in the last couple months despite some recent selling in the market. Some might argue that the yellow metal could be lacking any fresh, bullish catalyst to attract fresh buying interest. Some might... Continue Reading