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Just Another Reason

The current economic and geopolitical landscape is filled with potential landmines, and the climate just got even more tedious. Over the weekend, an attack on Saudi oil facilities reportedly cut production by some 5.7 million barrels per day, or over half of the Kingdom’s production. This amount accounts for about five percent of total global oil supply and could send crude oil prices soaring. Brent crude jumped by about 20 percent after the news, while WTI also made a significant double-digit leap. Thus far, it... Continue Reading

Could The Fed Be Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

The notion of additional interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve has certainly weighed on the gold market in recent months. On the other hand, however, the pace and timing of any additional rate hikes remains likely to be slow and incremental, which could be considered bullish for gold. This week could potentially provide some very good clues as to the central bank’s plans going forward. Weakness in some key economic data, along with the current geopolitical landscape could potentially give the central bank reason... Continue Reading