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3 Reasons to Add Gold to Your Portfolio Right Now

When many investors think of investments in gold, they think of higher gold prices. Investors have been thoroughly trained to think of investments in terms of if I buy XXX at $10 and sell it later at $20, I have made a 100% return. Now, let’s be clear. There is nothing wrong with buying low and selling high. And who wouldn’t want to make a profit on an investment. Gold, however, offers numerous intangible benefits in addition to the possibility of higher prices. Many of... Continue Reading

Is Gold the Ultimate Wealth Attractor?

In a recent interview with Kitco.com, Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki suggested that if you want $100,000, you need to get gold. The world-renowned author stated “If I want $10,000 a month, I hold $10,000 in gold; gold is an attractor and people need to understand that if you buy more gold, your income goes up.” That is a pretty profound statement for sure. The law of attraction is very powerful-and what better way to build your wealth than starting with a solid... Continue Reading

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