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Remember the VIX?

There has been little in the way of market volatility in recent months, and investors appear to be growing increasingly complacent as the markets look to make fresh, all-time highs. Although markets spent some time in correction territory, they have not seen any significant declines for fresh buyers to enter. This could lead to a large amount of FOMO-or fear of missing out. This fear of missing out could take the market to some significant new heights before the bottom falls out. There has been... Continue Reading

Could This Be the Market’s Undoing?

There is no shortage of potential headwinds when it comes to stocks. The potential for a larger war over trade, a stronger dollar, higher inflation and a more hawkish Fed could all potentially weigh on equities and risk assets. There is another issue currently at work, however, that could possibly prove to be the catalyst for an end to the bull run in stocks. This issue is likely unknown to the majority of investors, but could play a powerful role in the stock market’s demise.... Continue Reading