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Things May Look Very Different

Investing is an art rather than a science. Keeping the big picture in mind is critically important when it comes to achieving financial objectives. That being said, the time to consider the big picture is now. Forget record-high stock markets and a rebound in real estate values for a moment and consider what the financial landscape could look like in 20, 30 or even 50 years. With a stock market that has been moving higher for a decade now, some might suggest those getting long... Continue Reading

Gold and Bitcoin?

The current Bitcoin and cryptocurrency craze has taken markets by storm. While gold remained relatively range-bound, Bitcoin was moving higher-a lot higher-until hitting the $20,000 market this week. The currency has since pulled back a bit, but it is likely not the end of the run higher. Without offering a guess as to just how high Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could potentially go, perhaps the bigger question and issue at hand is why these instruments are garnering so much interest. The monetary system has been run... Continue Reading

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Is Bitcoin About to Crash?

The last several months have seen a lot of price movement-and hype-surrounding Bitcoin. Some have hailed the cryptocurrency as the wave of the future, while others have called the market a fluke that won’t last. Bitcoin has seen some selling in recent days, and that selling could be indicative of a significant exodus from the digital currency. Bitcoin recently traded for over $7500, but has since lost some steam and is trading for under $7000. Could the recent sell-off be the beginning of the end... Continue Reading