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A Buying Opportunity

The gold market has continued to see selling pressure as a combination of bearish factors take a toll on market sentiment. While the recent slide in gold prices may be viewed as “bearish” or a negative by short-term traders, smart long-term investors will likely welcome lower prices. The notion of rising interest rates, a strong appetite for risk and a stronger dollar have all affected gold and hard assets. Sentiment is currently very poor, and the market’s technical posture is also lacking. Key moving averages... Continue Reading

Is Further Downside in the Dollar on the Way?

It’s no secret that the dollar has been under pressure in recent months. The idea of rising deficits, ongoing relatively low interest rates and more aggressive monetary policies in other parts of the world have all played a role in the greenback’s slide. The dollar recently tried to rally as Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has not eased fears of three rate hikes this year and possibly a fourth. Higher rates could boost the dollar, as it could mean potentially higher returns for those holding dollars.... Continue Reading

The Dollar is Getting Weaker

Gold is seeing prices pop on Wednesday, as the dollar index declines to a 4.5 month low. The dollar index appears to have put in a long-term top at this point, and looks both fundamentally and technically weak. This weakness could potentially send the greenback even lower-dramatically lower-from current levels. The buck is seeing selling pressure today as Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin talks about how a weaker dollar is beneficial for the U.S. economy. His comments were made in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic... Continue Reading

Could Dollar Upside Be Limited From Here?

It’s no secret that President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t mind voicing his opinion on social media. Various companies such as Boeing and L.L. Bean have already seen what commentary from the soon-to-be-President can do to stock prices. Trump recently did an interview with the Wall Street Journal, however, in which he voiced concerns over the rise of the dollar. The greenback moved sharply higher following Trump’s early November election victory, at one point climbing 4 percent higher at its peak after the election. In the Friday... Continue Reading