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3 Questions to Be Asking Yourself Right Now

Global markets could potentially see significant volatility soon, and U.S. stocks could see the multi-year bull market come to an end any day now. Are you prepared? Investors will likely have to grapple with several key issues in the coming months and years, and now may be a good time to reflect and ready yourself for what could lie ahead. Here are three key questions you should be asking yourself right now, and if you don’t have the right answers, it may be time to take... Continue Reading

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If You’re Not Worried About Your Retirement, It May Be Time to Start

If you are like most Americans, you have probably worked very hard for a long time. Hopefully, you have been putting money away in the hopes of one day retiring and enjoying your life without having to concern yourself with money. If you have saved diligently you should be proud. If you haven’t, it’s not too late. While having a nice nest egg put away may provide a great deal of comfort, it’s not enough. The question then becomes how to protect that nest egg.... Continue Reading

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The Demise of the Petrodollar

Think the death of the petrodollar is not a reality? Think again…Numerous factors that will lead to the eventual death of the petrodollar have already been set in motion, and this chain of events could lead to some of the most significant economic upheavals in history.  . Numerous countries have already begun to move away from the dollar, and this trend is likely to continue. The world is about to change. Are you ready? Russia has been in the news a great deal over the... Continue Reading