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Is Gold Setting up for a Significant Move Higher?

Although the gold market may be seeing some weakness to begin the new trading week, the yellow metal is likely just seeing some profit taking after prices hit a one month high. We have seen this song and dance before, where gold sees some moderate selling ahead of an interest rate hike only to move higher following the hike. We expect this time around to be no different, as the Fed appears ready to pull the trigger on another rate hike in mid-June. The gold... Continue Reading

The Elephant in the Room

China’s currency reserves are not what they used to be. According to some estimates, the dollar’s share of China’s reserves has been slashed to a record low, as the world’s second largest economy looks to diversify away from the greenback. Not only that, but China has reportedly been selling U.S. securities. Thu far, this has not caused any type of panic and doesn’t even appear to be on the radar for most investors. You could certainly make the argument that a pullback in buying by... Continue Reading