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More Gains Ahead?

The gold market has once again started the New Year off on the right foot. Gold is seeing some solid buying interest to start the year as stocks and the dollar appear to be losing upside momentum. Why might gold be trending higher in spite of stocks being near all-time highs, rising interest rates and a dollar at the highest levels seen in many years? In our view there are numerous reasons that the yellow metal is likely to be bought at current levels. Here... Continue Reading

Where Are The Bulls?

Gold and silver came under some serious selling pressure last week and thus far have not mounted a comeback. In our view, this is not a bad thing as it provides investors the opportunity to buy silver at sub-$18 per ounce levels. In our view, gold also represents an excellent long-term value at current levels for the patient investor. For those who might be questioning what could be the next big catalyst for gold, especially since interest rates are set to rise before the end... Continue Reading

Is the Next Major Bailout Right Around the Corner?

It’s no secret that Deutsche Bank has been under pressure. Among other issues, negative interest rates have cut into the bank’s profits. In fact, Deutsche Bank shares have lost nearly 60 percent this year, and worst may be yet to come for the embattled investment bank. Deutsche Bank finds itself in a highly leveraged position, and concerns over the health of the bank are becoming more and more apparent. Last week, news surfaced that some of the bank’s hedge fund clients were trimming their sails... Continue Reading

Deutsche Bank Warns Gold Price Should Be Much Higher Based on Central Bank Balance Sheet

Gold could be worth far more than what speculators and traders have determined to be the current spot price. There’s a hidden indicator for the intrinsic price of gold that many investors have ignored. In addition to looking at the cost of mining gold, the level of government debt and total gold production, a major indicator that perceptive investors should pay attention to is central banks’ balance sheets. According to Deutsche Bank’s Michael Hsueh and Grant Sporre, there is a correlation between the rates at... Continue Reading

Another Vote Against Negative Interest Rates

As the spread of negative interest rates is set to continue, German bank boss John Cryan is voicing his thoughts on the monetary policy tool. Cryan is the CEO of Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank and a bank that is recognized all over the globe. As more financial experts weigh in on the potential effects of negative interest rates, Cryan made his opinion fairly clear, stating that such a policy could have “fatal consequences.” Deutsche Bank has felt the effects of negative interest rates which... Continue Reading