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Don’t Focus on the Short-Term

Right now may be a great time to buy gold or add to existing holdings. After trading at two-month highs recently, gold has backed off slightly as some profit taking is likely seen and as global stock markets continue their ascent. The recent sideways trade in the dollar has also likely given gold a boost, and it remains unclear if the yellow metal will attempt to challenge the highs seen following the Trump election victory. When it comes to investing, we are of the opinion... Continue Reading

Could Dollar Upside Be Limited From Here?

It’s no secret that President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t mind voicing his opinion on social media. Various companies such as Boeing and L.L. Bean have already seen what commentary from the soon-to-be-President can do to stock prices. Trump recently did an interview with the Wall Street Journal, however, in which he voiced concerns over the rise of the dollar. The greenback moved sharply higher following Trump’s early November election victory, at one point climbing 4 percent higher at its peak after the election. In the Friday... Continue Reading

Is Chinese Overleveraging Coming to Roost?

There has been no shortage of news in recent months-both financially and otherwise-to keep investors busy. The 2016 Rio Olympics garnered considerable attention as did the historical vote by the people of Great Britain to leave the European Union. Investors have also been preoccupied with the Fed, and whether or not the central bank will raise interest rates again this year. Somewhere in the middle of all this news and noise is the fact that the Chinese Yuan has been weakening. What makes this noteworthy... Continue Reading