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Key Bullish Factors

The gold market has seen significant buying interest in recent weeks and appears poised for further upside. The market has seen an improving technical posture that, combined with current fundamentals, could see prices challenge previous all-time highs around $2000 per-ounce in the months ahead. Not only could the market retest those previous highs, but it could potentially move well beyond into uncharted territory. $3000, $5000, even $10,000 per-ounce or more are all distinct possibilities. In the near-term, there are three primary factors that may fuel... Continue Reading

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Current Signals

The gold market is off to a great start in 2018, and the current rally in price could have room to run. Aside from watching the market move sharply higher in recent trade, there was another development that could be worth noting: The gold ETF, SPDR GLD, climbed for 11 consecutive sessions before finally seeing a down day last Wednesday. GLD is the largest gold-backed ETF. Why is this worth paying attention to? This would seemingly be indicative of significant inflows finding their way into... Continue Reading

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Are You Really Diversified?

Diversification is word that is commonly used in investment circles but is also commonly misunderstood. The definition of diversification may mean something completely different from one investor to the next. What if we told you that some investors really believe that owning a bunch of stocks along with some bonds means they are well-diversified? What if we told you that an investor thinks he is well-diversified because he owns 10 or 15 different oil company stocks? How about owning 10 or 15 mining company stocks?... Continue Reading

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World renowned investment manager discusses gold’s place within a portfolio

In a recent interview with the World Gold Council, Allianz chief economic advisor Mohamed El-Erian discussed the potential role gold may lay within a portfolio. He stated “As part of a diversified portfolio allocation that includes a higher-than-usual cash allocation, gold can play an important role in overall risk mitigation. It can also provide a notable upside should the enormous amount of central bank liquidity injection gain traction and result in higher inflation, be it actual or expected.” El-Erian went on to state “A growing... Continue Reading

Why Silver Prices Could Double From Current Levels

The decline in silver prices in recent years has been widely publicized, and silver critics have used it as an example of why you shouldn’t buy silver. While silver’s decline from record highs was, in fact, steep and swift, the market appears to have found equilibrium at current levels. Now ask yourself this question: Would you rather buy something at all-time-highs or would you rather buy it at a substantial discount from those highs? Assuming you answered “buy at a substantial discount” then right now... Continue Reading

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Why Are Nations Adding to Gold Reserves?

Governments and their central banks represent the largest players in modern financial markets. If these financial superpowers are acquiring and stockpiling more gold, maybe you should consider an allocation in gold as well. Gold’s importance to the global economy cannot be understated. The reality is that if gold were simply a relic of the past without true purpose or value, central banks would not buy and hoard the yellow metal. What do these central banks know that you don’t? Central banks began adding to gold... Continue Reading